Personal Protection & Firearm Safety Training

instructor teaching firearms safety

Whitehead’s Martial Arts Academy is the leading provider in Kaukauna, WI of personal protection courses that have been designed by PPT G.E.A.R.™ and Go2FrearmSafety.

Take Control Of Your Personal Safety! Be the safest person in your community. We provide a positive learning environment for all students no matter your ability level. Don’t be a victim. Take charge of your personal safety by enrolling in one of our courses today.

Here is a list of some our available courses:

  • Home Invasion Defense (HID®)
  • Urban Tactics & Defense (UTD®)
  • College Bound Readiness (CBR®)
  • Anti-Carjacking Vehicle Defense (ACVD®)
  • Threat Assessment Training (TAT®)
  • Active Shooter Response (ASR®)
  • Abduction & Kidnapping Defense (AKD®)
  • Every Day Carry Defense (EDCD®)

Learn to Use Firearms in a Safe, Controlled Environment

All of our courses are run by top-quality instructors using the latest methods in firearm safety training. All students will learn the proper way to handle and use a firearm in a structured and controlled environment. Many of our courses will utilize customized safe adaptive Go2FS air pistols as training aids. This offers a safe way to reinforce good habits when it comes to gun threats, retention and self-defense!

Attend one of the following courses:

  • Dry-Fire Courses (DFC)
  • Active Shooter Response (ASR)
  • Home Invasion Course (HIC)
  • Every Day Carry (EDC)
  • College Bound Readiness Training (CBR)